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Porn site Twistys review. Total score: 93 / 100

Review date: 2015-09-22

Twistys review
  • Price

    Monthly: 29.95 17.95 $ (30 days )

    Year: 95.40 $ (365 days )

    Prechecked sales: no ;

    Site Facts

    Average length:10 ; Number of movies: 7724 ; Video formats: 8100 kb/s ; 1080 ;
    Full length videos: yes ; Streaming:yes ; HD video:yes
    Pic sets: 18107 Pics Resolution: 3000 x 2000 ; High Res pictures: yes ; Zip sets: yes ;
    Model Index: yes Bonus Sites: yes Vid caps: no;
  • Scores

    Frequency of updates 10 / 10

    Amount of Content 19 / 20

    Quality of content 19 / 20

    Usability 7 / 10

    Streaming Video 5 / 5

    Downloadable Video 5 / 5

    No ads 5 / 5

    Models 5 / 5

    Price 4 / 5

    Network 5 / 5

    Other score 9 / 10

    Other Review Rating ((17 sites) 9 / 10

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Review 2015-09-22


You should have heard about Twistys or at least seen their logo in some porn videos, because this porn network is one of the largest producers of softcore porn with beautiful girls. Definitely, the girls are the main source of Twistys popularity, because there are really only thoroughly handpicked, beautiful and graceful models. Like in many famous companies, Twistys has its own calendar with Twistys of the Month, available on the site. Total amount of sites in the network equals 9, while the enormous quantity of original scenes exceeds 7 thousands. Those videos and pictures are available for unlimited (but too slow!) downloads in high quality, 1080p Full HD and 2K x 3K hi-res accordingly.

+ Impressive number of scenes

Though the average length of a video is around 10 minutes, it’s enough to show everything the director wanted to show. The more inspiring thing is the amount of those videos: there are more than 7700 original episodes, produced by Twistys and published in the network. The number of photo sets is even higher; each set contains approximately 110 high-res photos.

+ High content quality

Twistys servers offer videos in two main formats, mp4 for new videos and wmv for the older ones. The quality is 720p or 1080p depending on your choice. Streaming comes in high quality. Photos expose very precise picture and sharpness, thanks to 2000 x 3000 pixels resolution. In general, the porn site only misses the 4K videos.

+ Updates

Frequently updated, Twistys exposes five-six new videos every week. The updates are scheduled, so you can see what’s coming next, for up to a week starting from current date. The schedule page allows to view trailers of the upcoming scenes.

+ Models

Models are unquestionably the best part of Twistys: here they are beautiful, graceful and fresh like nowhere else. Total number of models exposed on Twistys is 1110, and stably growing. The model index allows you to sort models by rating and popularity, as well as by name, and offers you model profiles. Each profile contains a photo, main parameters, like height, weight, measurements and origin, and allows to rate and check rating and current position of the model in global rating.

- Monotonous content, amateur photographers

Unfortunately, the amount of content on Twistys doesn’t add much to diversity. The scenes are often based on the same script, direction doesn’t seem to allow the girls uniquely express themselves, and in general the narrow niche doesn’t allow to enjoy the beautiful girls to the full. Some sophisticated users seem to dislike the photographers’ style, because it seems too unprofessional, with lots of cliché and restricted diversity. The old content is usually evaluated higher than the new scenes, and the experienced fans of the producer say that the new management has ruined the former charm of the brand.

- Inconvenient interface, poor interactivity

Surprisingly, Twistys do not offer wide opportunities to interact with the content and community. You cannot comment videos, there is no user forum, not many sorting options, and in general, it doesn’t look very user-friendly. The page listing on Twistys is widely infamous for its inconvenience. It seems that conventional functions, like ratings and like/dislike are available, but the interface is the weak part of the site anyway. Design is mild and rather attractive, nothing much to say about it. Ads do not get in your way when you intend to enjoy the collection.

Expectations vs Reality

Somehow, despite the promised 3700+ models, we were unable to find any more than 1110 girls in the model index. Same goes for the 60,000+ videos mentioned in the Join In section — currently there are no more than 7724 scenes. Even if the archive contains some videos with long forgotten girls, does that count? Claims, related to quality of content, were confirmed.


The normal price for one-month use of Twistys is $29.99. Yearly membership fee is equal to $119.88. Be aware of the cross-sales, uncheck the options you don’t need before paying. There are possible discounts up to 50%, but they are not available here yet, though you can look for an opportunity on the web. (Join discount aviable for our site)

Network (bonus sites)

Twistys Network currently consists of 9 sites: Anette Dawn, Blue Fantasies, Nicole Graves, Euro Foxes, Busty Ones, Twistys, Twistys Teasers, Twistys Hard, When Girls Play. Most of them have softcore masturbation / lesbian thematic, however on Twistys Hard you can find an oasis of hardcore content, where guys are ramming the same beautiful girls without any extra caress.


Twistys is a great source of really beautiful and seductive girls, but probably not for the site’s members. While there are a lot of high-quality solo videos with alluring girls, the network has serious minuses. Monotonous content, clumsy and repetitive scene scripts, low amount of original ideas seem to ruin the potential of such cast of models. Exaggerated claims, unwanted cross-sales, often not apparently exposed to the customers, can cost you several extra dollars. The best part of Twistys, the hardcore network site Twistys Hard, is too small and cannot exonerate the network. If you want to check the porn site and see if it is suitable for you, remember that forewarned is forearmed.



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