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Porn site Only all sites review. Total score: 90 / 100

Review date: 2016-05-13

Only all sites review
  • Price

    3 month: 99.95 $ (90 days )

    2 month: 74.95 $ (60 days )

    Monthly: 44.95 $ (30 days )

    Payment options: Credit Cards,Direct Debit Billing: CCBill, Epoch ;

    Site Facts

    Average length:10 min ; Number of movies: over 5804 ; Video formats: MP4, 3651 kbps kb/s ; 1080p ;
    Full length videos: yes ; Streaming:yes ; HD video:yes
    Pic sets: 17107 Pics per set: 80 ; Pics Resolution: 3000x2000 ; Zip sets: yes ;
    Model Index: yes Bonus Sites: yes Vid caps: no;
  • Scores

    Frequency of updates 10 / 10

    Amount of Content 19 / 20

    Quality of content 19 / 20

    Usability 7 / 10

    Streaming Video 5 / 5

    Downloadable Video 5 / 5

    No ads 5 / 5

    Models 5 / 5

    Price 2 / 5

    Network 5 / 5

    Other score 8 / 10

    Other Review Rating ((9 sites) 9 / 10

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Review 2016-05-13


The concept of the site is tightly bound with any network pass concept: Only All Sites is just a gateway through which you can access several included network sites. However, it would be clearer if they called it something like Only: All Sites, so we could know that its intention is to grant access to all “Only” sites, such as Only Opaques, Only Tease, Only Melanie and so on.


What we find inside the website is a collection of awesome erotic videos and photo sets. They are divided into six full-size sites, and though we cannot access all the content in one place, its amount is impressive. You have to know that some scenes in Only All Sites network do not even contain nudity (though they definitely contain lots of erotic tease and even fetish lure). This really clarifies the concept of these sites: they are Only focused on something that teases you, not exposing any distracting nudity or pornography.

Scene format

Typical scene on Only sites is relatively short, but it is thorough. They do not intend to show you everything, instead focusing on just one element, and for that matter, the 10-minute videos and 80-pictures sets are quite enough. Slowly and thoroughly you get teased by some outstandingly beautiful and seductive babe, who shows off her amusing outfit, probably stockings and high-heels, then starts stripping slowly, exposing her sexy lingerie, and ends up (if you’re lucky) caressing her breasts and rubbing her panties tenderly. There is no explicit sex and absolutely no hardcore elements on this site.

+ Huge amount of content

Definitely, Only All Sites has an impressive amount of content. Functioning since 2002, it has gathered as many as 5804 videos and 17,107 photo sets, updating up to several times a day. The collection keeps growing fast, so you may find even more of these delicious erotic videos when you visit it. Though, the average size of the scenes is not very large: video lasts for 7-10 minutes as a rule, while photo sets have from 30 to 150 photos, with an average of 80. It’s still nice due to specifics of the site’s niche.

+ Fine photo quality, good Full HD videos

Only All Sites can offer competitive quality for its latest scenes. Photos come in maximum resolution of 3000x2000 pixels, which is quite nice. Other formats, available for zipped downloads are 2048x1365 and 1066x711 photos. Videos are available as Full HD (1080p) and SD (360p) mp4’s, Full HD webm’s downloads and HD or SD flash streaming videos. The maximum bitrate you can expect is up to 3,500-4000 kbps for 1080p mp4 video with 23 frames per second. The picture is fine (though not perfectly sharp), and in general is suitable for these beautiful erotic videos. Average size of the 10-minute Full HD mp4 video here is 200 Mbytes.

+ Multiple daily updates

Only All Sites accumulates updates from its six sites, and it gives us a huge load of daily updates. As some sites add 1-3 photo sets every days, and a few videos every week, total number of updates is close to 4-5 photo sets and at least 1 video every day! Few sites do not update anymore, unfortunately, but it doesn’t affect the overall update frequency of the network significantly: you still get multiple daily updates, which is great. You can preview the upcoming photo shoots for two months via the Forthcoming Shoots option in the left panel menu.

+ Many hot models with many sets and stats

Model index is fine on any of Only All Sites. You can use alphabetic filter or search to find any girl you want to see, plus there are links to the model’s profile inside her scenes. You can comment (discuss on forum) any of the models, see her ratings, read through her stats and some interesting facts, and see all her photo sets. Most model have over 5 photo sets on this site, which allows to get to know them better, watching them in various outfits and scenarios.

+ Six network sites plus VIP section

Only All Sites grants access to total of six network sites: Only Tease, Only Opaques, Only Silk And Satin, Only Secretaries, Only Melanie, Only Carla. Few of them are no longer updating, but most are properly functioning; all of them have a good amount of content. For the old members (over 3 months overall membership term), there is a special VIP zone, where you get a good portion of bonus content.

- Inconvenient and odd design

Somehow, I have to say that the design of Only All Sites is rather inconvenient and not very usable. There are simply too many elements, they are small and not very helpful. You cannot access all content from the main site: only the latest updates are available there; so you’ll have to navigate to a particular site of the network (opening it in a new tab or window) to get to its content. The scenes are additionally divided by months, which eradicates any sense in filtering or sorting them (there are no filters / sorting options anyway). There are ratings (by several criteria) and comments (you can discuss each scene on the member forum).

- High price

We rarely evaluate the price as a part of the network’s pluses and minuses, but in this case it is a serious factor. They want you to pay $44.95 every month for access to all six sites of the network. It really seems to be a lot, while membership on huge contemporary porn networks costs around $20-30 dollars. However, there are not many really good erotic networks, comparable to Only All Sites.

Expectations vs Reality

We were promised the following: 100% Exclusive, specialize in Erotic, 5 800+ videos, 2 600 000+ photos, 831 models, daily updates, and forums. Well, that’s absolutely correct: you really get at last as many scenes and models as they’ve promised, there are over 830 models in the network and forum is functioning properly. The design may be a little disappointment, and the quality could’ve been better, but it doesn’t really affects the worth of the network’s content.


It’s as much as $44.95 / month, $74.95 per 2 months, or $99.95 for 3 months. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal account, via CCBill, Epoch, Debit Card, or Direct Debit billing providers. It looks too pricy, as for me, though you can try to look for a 25% discount somewhere on the web (it’ll be around $34.95 for a month).


One of the best erotic networks on the web, despite its inconvenient design and average video quality. Superior models, very impressive teasing videos, huge amount of content and excellent photo shoots make it special. The price is high, but there are simply no noticeable alternatives to Only All Sites.



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