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Porn site Club Seventeen review. Total score: 80 / 100

Review date: 2016-03-28

Club Seventeen review
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    Year: 119.40 EUR (365 days )

    Monthly: 27.95 EUR (30 days )

    Trial: 1.95 $

    Site Facts

    Average length:25 ; Number of movies: 4891 ; Video formats: 10178 kb/s ; 1080p ;
    Pic sets: 8449 Pics per set: 80 ; Pics Resolution: 4000x2667 ; High Res pictures: yes ; Zip sets: yes ;
    Model Index: yes Bonus Sites: no
  • Scores

    Frequency of updates 9 / 10

    Amount of Content 19 / 20

    Quality of content 19 / 20

    Usability 9 / 10

    Streaming Video 3 / 5

    Downloadable Video 3 / 5

    No ads 1 / 5

    Models 5 / 5

    Price 3 / 5

    Network 1 / 5

    Other score 8 / 10

    Other Review Rating ((15 sites) 9 / 10

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Review 2016-03-28


The original concept of the Club Seventeen magazine was born in 1980’s in Netherlands, while the legal age was 16 years old. It was created as a porn magazine for teens, exposing teens. Now it only exposes models over 18 years old, as European legislation demands, and is great for watchers of all ages. It primarily focuses on Teens, and though the majority of its content is solo and girl on girl sex scenes, you can expect to find some hardcore episodes too.


What we actually get on Club Seventeen, is a very impressive amount of excellent teen porn videos, not very diverse in terms of porn niches, but definitely very nice for any teen lover. Starlets and amateur teens, young and beautiful, eagerly participate in solo scenes (including some fetish scenes, such as pissing or fisting), play toys, lick each other pussies and even get laid with one or two boys. Though the title looks a bit outdated, it’s a brand name they don’t really need to change: Club Seventeen is worthy of its original fame.

Scene format

Scenes are rather typical here: you usually get a beautiful teen girl who looks innocent throughout the whole scene, despite her nasty fingers, rubbing her pussy and teasing her clit. She slowly walks in the frame, so the camera can examine her seductive curves, and starts taking off her clothes a piece by a piece. She will definitely rub her pussy underneath her panties, making those malleable lips wet, and then she will spread her legs for you to observe the perfection and beauty of her tight pink couch. She may get off for real, or she may imitate an orgasm; in any case, the final is impressive.

+ Very large amount of content

Heritage of 20 years of active production of teen porn is available on Club Seventeen, making it one of the largest teen porn sites of contemporary. There are over 4891 porn videos (including bonuses) and over 8449 photo sets, available in its collection. Though some videos are very short (like 2-minute sketches), the average size is equal to at least 25 minutes, which gives a huge overall playtime. Photo sets are not very large, from 20 to 160 photos, with an average of 80. Anyway, there is more content that anyone can ever watch, and it also grants fine diversity: some prefer older videos, some enjoy the recent ones.

+ Full HD video and hi-res photo quality

Videos on Club Seventeen are available in several formats: 540, 720 HD and 1080p HD for the newest ones. Older videos can be found in wmv files too, while the recent ones only use mp4 as a container. You can adjust both streaming and downloading quality for any video. The maximum available bitrate (and the best quality) is granted by 1080p mp4 files with over 10,000 kbps bitrate and 50 fps! Photos have just one resolution (and there are temporary problems with zipped sets downloading): 4000x2667, which is extremely high and very impressive.

+ Several daily updates

Club Seventeen has a very friendly updating policy. It adds from 1 to 3 new videos every single day, and also publishes 2-3 fresh photo sets every day. It gives an average pace of updating equal to 2 videos and almost 3 photo sets every day, which is very impressive. You can also help yourself to the update schedule, available in the Upcoming section. It shows the 24 next updates both for videos and photo sets, with a cover, models’ names, date and Series title.

+ Fine design and functional interface

Though you may find these pink and white colors rather blatant, the layout is fine: you can easily access Photos, Videos, DVDs, Models and Upcoming section from the upper panel menu. There are few sorting and filtering options for all scenes, including year filter, niche / tag filter, and Series filter. Pagination is not very convenient, though. Every scene has its own rating from 1 to 10, you can affect. You can also post comments and add scenes to favorites. Same functions are applicable to model profiles. Video quality can be adjusted, both for download and embedded player.

+ Good model index and profiles

Model index includes over 3166 girls, and it allows filtering them by alphabet or breast size, plus a few common sorting options. Of course, you can also use search or model profile links, provided in each scene. Model profiles usually contain some stats for each model, such as debut date, breast size, hair and eye color, and model’s preferences in food and sex. Full functionality is implemented: comments, ratings and favorites.

+ Some streaming-only bonus videos

Club Seventeen offers like 274+ bonus videos, which you can stream, but cannot download. That’s a fine addition to the collection, particularly because these videos sometimes expose some rare niches and different style, diversifying the site’s scenes. You can also enjoy 484+ DVD, available in the according section.

- Too many ads

There is a plenty of ads and banners, disguised as bonus content, and wasting your time by closing various pop-up windows and tabs. It’s quite annoying, especially after you’ve paid for a premium access to the site

- Slow download / streaming speed

There are problems with speed reported for Club Seventeen. Full HD streaming may take too long to load, while downloading something may take hours. It seems that the problem is on server site, probably the internet connection width is limited per user.

- Non-exclusive content and overuse of close-ups

There are many videos and photo sets on Club Seventeen that are not exclusive to this site. You can find those on other sites, many of which offer better service for lower price. Small amount of exclusive, original content significantly reduces the porn site’s potential, because for such stuff we always have PornHub or RedTube. Some members find the percentage of close-up shoots too large, and this opinion I share. It’s definitely more exciting to see more of the girl and less of her pussy, than vice versa.

Expectations vs Reality

The promises you get on landing page and during the sign-up process are: 4600+ HD videos, daily updates, 8370 zip photo sets, daily updates, Free Live Sex, 3160+ teen girls and such. Well, these numbers are quite correct (though I’m not very sure that all the 4600 videos are available in fair HD). Anyway, they don’t lie, and that’s good.


There is such thing as streaming access, which allows you to stream (but not download) all videos on Club Seventeen for just 5 EUR per month. Standard membership fee is 27.95 EUR every month, or 119.40 Euro for a year, if you pay it at once. Lifetime membership will cost you 499 euros. You can use your credit card, iDEAL, Bank account to pay for the membership, or you can join by phone (anonymously). The pre-checked cross sales include (but are not limited to) for initial $1.95 for three days, rebilling at $29.95 / month. Thus, make sure that you have unchecked all the unnecessary boxes on every page during your sign-up and payment.


Club Seventeen is a very large porn site with a great amount of high-quality teen videos and excellent photo sets. However, not all of its content is exclusive, and there are some questions to its advertising policy and download speed. Anyway, you may want to see it; however, there are better Teen porn sites for sure.


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